Tenant Repairs


All maintenance will be attended to ideally without delay but some repairs have a higher priority and may need to be rectified first. Repair categories are as follows:

1. Emergency Repair

A repair that is likely to cause injury or damage to the property if not immediately rectified.
E.G. Fire. Gas leak. Burst mains water supply pipe (Not a leaking waste/drain pipe). No central heating in extreme weather conditions (as advised by the Met Office). Exposed live electric wires. Water leaking on to electric wires.
Often immediate measures are taken to prevent injury or further damage. The repair itself may well have to be completed later

2. Urgent Repairs

One that is extremely inconvenient, not an emergency, but still needs to be rectified without delay.
E.G. Toilet leaking when flushed and no other toilet. Failure of central heating (not in extreme meteorological conditions) and no other form of heating. (Not a couple of radiators not heating up properly).
If it is likely that a part would be required such a repair is unlikely to be rectified outside normal working hours or weekends.

3. Inconvenient Repairs

One that is not ideal but can be tolerated for a limited period only.
E.G. No instant hot water. (Water can still be heated in a kettle or a pan). Such repairs still need to be attended to as soon as possible but emergency and urgent repairs might take priority, even if the higher priority repairs were reported later.

4. Other Repairs

Something that would be good to have but would not be considered essential.
E.G. Broken gate/fence, decorative or cosmetic issues.
Repairs cost more if a contractor has to attend outside office hours or weekends. If you are unable to arrange access during normal office hours or leave a key a repair may be delayed. If your repair is not an emergency and you still require a contractor to attend outside office hours this may be arranged but you will be liable to pay any additional charges made by the contractor. Please note you will not be responsible to top up labour rates if the repair can be arranged during normal office hours.

In the case of out of hours emergencies only, please email:

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