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We now offer tailored property sourcing including below market value properties, investment strategy and on hand advice to ensure that your property journey is the best it can be.

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Even with various changes in legislation including increased stamp duty, tax changes, safety legislation there is still a good profit to be made in Buy To Let Investments. In our opinion there has never been a better time to invest in buy to let property and here are just a few reasons why:


Strategy Is Key: 
We have been approached by many landlords in the past who have used less experienced agents for advice or who have compiled their own buy to let strategy. More often than not, the strategy used is one that does not allow for cash flow or profit. As experts in the industry for over 26 years we can give you the right advice to ensure that your rental business even with one property is one that provides you with income now and in the future.


Relax, We Will Do the Work For You!
We understand that the pressures of everyday work life and living make it impossible at times to take an active role in other important things. Building a secure property portfolio may be something that you have been meaning to do, but just can’t find the time or it may just seem like a daunting task. That’s where we come in!

We provide a service whereby you can relax and spend time doing the things you enjoy whilst we source suitable properties (often at discount) to help secure your financial future.


Have All of Your Invested Income Back within 2 to 4 Years Whilst Keeping the Property and Rent: 
This is one occasion where this is not too good to be true! 
In fact, this is a method that we regularly use to help expand and increase our own portfolio. So for example, if you invest £35,000 into a buy to let property, you could have your whole investment back within 2 to 4 years or less. This means after that, anything you make is essentially free money!


Rent are Rising: 
Some of the more novice landlords are looking to exit the market. Demand is very high for virtually all types of property and as a result there is a shortage of rental accommodation nationwide. As we all know when there is a high demand and short supply, prices go up!


Interest Rates Are Low So Maximise Your Profits! 
Buy To Let interest rates are extremely low. In fact it is currently possible to get a fixed rate buy to let mortgage @ less than 2%. So for example, if you were to invest in a 25% deposit (£20,000) into an £80,000 property then your mortgage balance would be £60,000. With a 2% interest rate the payment would be just £100 per month. Typically a property of this value would achieve a rent of approximately £450 to £500 per calendar month. (stamp duty and legal costs apply when purchasing a property)


Example of how this could look for you: 
Rent                                                                  £475.00pcm
Mortgage Interest                                        £100.00
Rent Collection Service @ 8%+VAT       £  45.60
10% Repairs & Maintenance                    £  47.50
Insurance                                                        £  20.00

NET PAYMENT:                                            £261.90 per calendar month.

(stamp duty and legal costs apply when purchasing a property and there could be set up costs when using an agent)


You could Earn 15 Times More Than You Would with Your Money Sat In the Bank! 
The above example shows a NET payment each month of £261.90. That’s £3142.80 per annum from a £20,000 deposit. The same £20,000 sat in the bank would typically earn 1% per annum; that’s just £200 per annum (15.7 times less).


You Have A Solid Asset That Will Appreciate Over Time: 
Properties are generally known to be a safe investment provided you get the right advice in the first instance. Of course prices can fluctuate, however in the long term house prices will rise and you will have the benefit of an appreciating asset as well as receiving a regular rental income.


What are The next Steps?
If you are interested in making money from property then get in touch. We have a number of strategies from:

  • Buy To Let
  • Buy To Flip (sell on to make a profit)
  • How To Get All Invested Money Out Within 2 to 4 years or Less
  • Strategy On Cash purchases.
  • Strategy On Mortgaged Purchases
  • Strategy On Maximising Profits
  • How To Raise Finance
  • Joint Ventures


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